Premium Cannabis Flower in The Emerald Triangle
Certificate# CA-CG-18-0380

Henry's Original

Clean Green Certified®

Our Clean Green Certified cannabis is sun grown, using the highest industry organic methods, from farm direct to consumer.

Our Legacy

15+ Years of cannabis cultivation in the heart of Mendocino County, we produce the highest quality of cannabis flower.

Farm Direct

Our award-winning flower goes straight from our fields to our consumers. Our flower is known for our unique heirloom strains and are lab tested.

About Our Farm

We’re farmers descended from farmers who know the land and know our crop. We came of age in the heartland of cannabis heritage—wild, rugged Mendocino County, where the air is crisp and nature abounds in all her raw, jagged glory.

Through decades of experience, we’ve learned how cannabis was meant to be grown, and that’s how we grow it. Nothing more, nothing less

"Outdoor, top quality, WOW!" - Henry's Customers

Our featured Premium Strains!

Sky Cuddler Kush

Super stoney THC and terpene-fueled head high.
THC: 22.16%
CBD: >.04%

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Stoney with a bit of a giggle – a kicked back stone with a smile.
THC: 16.00%
CBD: .46%

Magic Melon

Creative & invigorating – this really IS magic! THC: 23.52%
CBD: .716%

Cherry Limeade

Great relief for nerve related aches and pains.
THC: 4.60%
CBD: 14.70%

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